Juris Salaks :: Conference «Amber in the history of medicine»

Juris Salaks

Dr. Med., Professor Juris Salaks is Director of the Institute of the History of Medicine of Riga Stradiņš University, Deputy Director for Research of the Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine.

Over a number of years, Professor Salaks has been concurrently carrying out research in the sphere of history of medicine and working at the Museum. Among the research interests are medical museology, medical ethics, history of pharmaceutical industry of Imperial Russia, Russian-German medical relations of the late 18th – early 19th centuries. He has published more than fifty research works, among which are three monographs.

Juris Salaks has curated numerous high-profile exhibition projects among which are the cycles of exhibitions “Body art”, “Medicine and Opera”, and “Anatomy and Art”. The first exhibition of the cycle “Medicine and Opera” entitled “Doctors in Operas” was given an award as the best exhibition in Latvia of 2013. The exhibition curated by Juris Salaks “Amber: Myths and Science” (2014) which was held within the programme “Riga is the Cultural Capital of Europe” won general recognition and received a wide acclaim. At present, Professor Salaks is working at the final exhibition of the cycle “Anatomy and Art” “Danse Macabra” (Dance of Death).

Professor Salaks is actively cooperating with Moscow researchers within the issue of recreating a museum of the history of medicine in Russia. He is not only a curator of a specialized international programme and an organizer of courses on medical museology and the history of medicine in Moscow, but also the only foreign scholar who has been invited as advisor to the Minister of Public Health of the Russian Federation on medical museology.

At the conference “Amber in the History of Medicine” Professor Salaks will make a presentation entitled “Amber in Medicine: How to Present the Theme in a Modern Museum”.