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Call for papers

14–17 September 2015

The Conference aims to discuss a wide range of actual multidisciplinary problems relating to the use of amber and its derivatives in medicine and pharmacy from Ancient times till the Present.

Are the ancient and contemporary claims that amber is a remedy for many diseases adequately justified? How do the old myths of the miraculous properties of amber differ from the new ones? What are the scientific grounds and perspectives of the medical use of amber today? These and others issues dealing with the Conference theme are offered for a consideration.  

Conference focus area: history of science, cultural studies, museology, medical geology, etc.

Conference will examine, among other things, the following topics and themes:

  • The history of amber's medical use in the monuments and texts of European culture;
  • Amber in Ancient and Medieval pharmacy and medicine;
  • The Ancient sources on amber’s medicinal properties and their reception by the authors of the Renaissance and Modern era;
  • Medieval herbals and lapidaries (texts) about the healing properties of amber;
  • Amber in the tradition of Eastern medicine;
  • The religious interpretation of the curative properties of amber;
  • Amber in the European pharmacopoeia of the 16th – 19th centuries;
  • Amber in the fight against epidemics;
  • Justification of amber connection to medical practice by means of natural philosophy in the 16th – 18th centuries;
  • Physicians and  apothecaries – authors of the books on amber;
  • Old and new myths of the healing properties of amber;
  • Medical geology about amber and its derivatives;
  • The nature of the amber therapeutic properties from the perspective of mineralogy and geochemistry;
  • Rough amber and its contemporary medical use;
  • The grounds of the amber therapy and “amber rooms” in the 21th century:  the outlook of the modern science; 
  • Contemporary biotextile materials with amber and their use in medicine and cosmetology;
  • The sources on medical use of amber in archives, libraries and museums;
  • Amber pieces in the collections of the history of medicine museums;
  • The themes of medicine for amber and mineralogical museums;
  • New life of the old medical prescriptions: Ancient quarries as a database for the museum reconstructions;
  • Medical use of amber as a theme for present-day museum exhibitions.

The official languages of the Conference – English and Russian.

The Organizing Committee is inviting proposals for paper presentations by 30 March 2015. Abstract in Russian or English and Registration Form (attached herewith) should be submitted by e-mail to Irina Polyakova, Coordinator of the Conference: 

Participation in the Conference is free of charge.

Abstract submission instructions:

  1. Abstracts should be submitted by e-mail using Microsoft Word 97-003 (*Word or *Rtf format).
  2. File should be named by the name of the author or first author (for example: Petrov.doc.). 
  3. Title of the abstract should include name of the author(s), name of institution and e-mail.
  4. Length of abstract should be between 3000 and 6000 characters.
  5. Script Times New Roman 12 pt, one-line interval is recommended.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept or reject papers that do not comply with the academic standards of the Conference.

The presented papers will be published after the Conference.

In the framework of the Conference there will be presented a book series “Word on Amber” (Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum) and will be held a round table session “Books on Amber in German Culture of the 16th Century”.

Organizing committee:

Marshall Vasilevskiy Sq. 1, 236016 Kaliningrad, Russia.

tel./fax  +7 4012 466-550
tel./fax  +7 4012 466-888
Further information regarding the Conference will be provided on the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum website in due course:


We are looking forward to seeing you at our Conference!
Tatiana Suvorova
Chairperson of the Organizing Committee